All class 2 - 9 buildings require fire equipment installed and routinely maintained to comply with legislation.

Not having your fire equipment maintained may void your insurance in the unfortunate event of a fire. 


Our high quality powder coated fire extinguishers are designed and manufactured to effectively combat fire as well as provide a long, cost efficient service life.  We offer an unrivalled 6 year anti-corrosion warranty on all extinguisher products!


In accordance with the Queensland Development Code MP: 6.1 and AS 1851-2012, your buildings fire extinguishers require 6 monthly servicing and 5 yearly pressure testing in order to maintain legislative compliancy.  


We supply, install and service the following portable equipment:


(ABE) Dry Chemical Powder -  High performance extinguishers effective on most fires, available in wide range of sizes.  Wall and vehicle brackets available.


Wet Chemical - Designed for cooking oil and fat fuelled fires. Can also be used on carbon based fires such as paper, wood, plastics and rubber.


C02 Carbon Dioxide Ideal for office and medical environments, particularly computers and other electrically energised equipment. C02 can also be used on flammable liquids.


AFFF Foam -  These water based extinguishers are specifically designed for flammable liquid fires.  Can also be used on carbon based fires.  Not suitable for electrical based fires. 


We supply, install, service and certify a complete range of fire doors, hinged fire doors, sliding fire doors, fire rated door frames, locks and door closers for both commercial and residential premises.  As fire door specialists equipped with contractor licenses in carpentry and joinery, we deliver the utmost professionalism to precise engineering standards!  


Having installed and certified over 5000 fire doors for hospitals, body corporates, accommodation providers, hotel chains, retail outlets, restaurants and more, you will feel fire safe with our expertise.


All of our fire doors are tested and approved in accordance with the Australian Standard 1905.1:2015.  


We supply, install, service and certify the following:


  • 1 to 4 hour fire rated doors

  • Duracoate tempered hardboard faced fire doors

  • Ply faced fire doors

  • MDF faced fire doors

  • Custom sized fire doors 

  • Hinged fire doors

  • Fire rated sliding doors

  • Fire rated door frames 

  • All non-fire rated HUME doors also available



Whether it's a fire blanket for your kitchen, a new nozzle for your fire hose or hardware for your fire door - we supply, install and service all your fire safety accessories needs.  


Fire Hose Reels Our universal hose reels are equipped with a unique ball valve device to ensure maximum water flow of water in one lever movement. Includes solid brass hose nozzle. 


Fire Blankets - 1m x 1m blankets are ideal for stove top cooking oil fires.  Also available in 1.8 x 1.2 metre for larger risk applications.


Fire Extinguisher Cabinets - Utilising protective cabinets to secure your valuable asset can enhance longevity of the product and also reduce the risk of theft.  Available in UV resistant plastic or powder coated steel.


Fire Extinguisher Vehicle Brackets - Our heavy duty steel brackets are fully adjustable to suit a wide range of fire extinguishers and are designed for all vehicles and plant equipment.  


Signage - In order to comply with legislative requirements, your building not only needs fire fighting equipment, but clear, bold instructional and location signage that assists your staff and residents to act quickly and safely in the event of fire.

We also supply emergency and exit lighting, batteries, smoke detectors, alarm and warning systems, Pyrogen suppression systems and more!  For further information:


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